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Welcome to All Dec'd Out! We are your "go-to -girls" that will take the stress out of all your party decorations. Our focus is on assisting our Pittsburgh clients to make their special day stress-free. by offering custom, one of a kind balloon art and marque letters that are sure to WOW your guests!


How did we get started you may ask? My best friend wanted to have her bachelorette party in Scottsdale, AZ. I was so excited and immediately started my Pinterest board! I had everything planned out in my was perfect! I then started to think "How am  I going to make my vison come to life when I live half way across the country. I would need 5 suitcases to get all my decorations to AZ" I found a company in Scottsdale that would decorate our party and make all my stresses go away! Who doesn't want to make their party Insta-worthy?! That's when i realized the need for our services here in Pittsburgh. I could walk in with my best friend and be just as in awe as she was, it was such a special moment. I want everyone to have that feeling when they walk into the party that they worked so hard to plan!

I want to be a resource that helps support the local businesses in the Pittsburgh area. Our steel city has so much to offer and I want to help you find all of our best kept secrets within the city!

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